Living in the Future: 7 reasons to choose Smart Home System

The world is changing rapidly: what was science fiction yesterday became a familiar reality today. Our homes are no exception. Is it possible to live in the home of the future today? You can, but be careful: once you move into a smart home, you will never want to go back to the ordinary.

First reason: The future is here

The Internet, computers, gadgets, and devices have completely changed our lives. This moment should be considered the birth of a smart home - a system that makes life easier and more comfortable. Imagine: everything, whether it is an electrical outlet, heating / cooling or video camera, fulfills your every request and remotely. And this is monitored by a single system that coordinates the work of all devices. Fantasy? No, such homes are already a reality. 

Isaac Asimov first wrote about the robot that served man 80 years ago. Based on his books and the story of artificial intelligence, "I'm a Robot" was filmed in 2004 and looked absolutely fantastic even then. About 18 years have passed since the movie, and smart homes with voice control are available to everyone.

The "smart home" system is incorporated in new projects at an early stage of design. Voice control, remote access, environmental awareness and home security - this is the new comfort of living in this time.

Second reason: Managing remotely

Voice control is not a problem when we are around. But what if no one is home? Just look at the application on your mobile phone. Manage your home at work, on a business trip or on vacation. The question "did I turn off the iron?" will be resolved with one click blocking plug-ins, you do not have to be nervous and worried.

The smart app helps with sudden weather changes: select the desired option on your smartphone and close the curtains so that the hot sun does not burn your favorite flowers. And if it gets colder, turn on the radiators - the apartment will heat up until your arrival.

This option is one of the leading options in the projects that the Property One Real Estate and Development team is working on in the arrangement of office and residential spaces. You can control all the appliances in the house or office using the application on your smartphone.

Imagine that you are in an office and the child returns from school early: you open the electronic door lock, you block the electrical appliances and you turn on the TV channel with cartoons. And if you put lasagna in the oven in the morning and turn it on later in the day from your office through the smart app, when you get home you will have a freshly prepared hot dinner.

However, the smart app will also help you when you are at home: to turn on music, lighting or heating / cooling. This option is included in the basic package for smart apartments and offices in all projects for our clients.

Third reason: You create the scenario 

Let's say you get up at 7 in the morning and drink coffee at 7:30. Remember this only once on your smart device and you will not have to wake up to the annoying alarm clock trying to turn it off in the dark. You will be awakened by your favorite music playing in the sunlight, as the curtains will open automatically. Immediately from the bed, you step on the warm floor (yes, it will turn on in advance) and by 7:30 in the kitchen you will have freshly brewed coffee - a good start of the day.

Fourth reason: Security concerns

Access via card or mobile phone, video surveillance, alarms, sensors - this is what the base of a special agent looked like 10 years ago.

The door opening sensor informs the owner of each entry and exit. Even if someone tries to enter the home through the window, the smart sensor will recognize it by the noise and send a notification. The good thing is that the system does not respond to pets.

Dangers lurk sometimes inside the home, for example, taps or pipes. In case of an unexpected leak, a sensor will work which will not wait for your command, but will turn off the water immediately in the event of the slightest breakdown.

Access to and in the garage is also available. There is no need for many keychains: only bluetooth connection is used to enter the territory of the residential or business complex, inside, as well as in the parking lot.

Fifth reason: Saving is profitable and right

Rational use of resources is a trend of modern life in a metropolis. It is doubly pleasant, saving resources and money, to preserve nature.

The "smart home" system not only monitors energy consumption and informs the user about it, but also makes recommendations for optimal and economical use of resources. This is also useful for property owners: smart options will not allow the heating system to overheat the room. They determine the air temperature, humidity and other indicators in real time and maintain the set parameters at a constant level.

By the way, the air temperature can be included in the memory depending on the preferences of family members and include exactly those options that are needed by certain members with just one click.

Sixth reason: The space outside the home also becomes smart

Lighting in common areas is also smart: the system assesses the degree of illumination, determines the time of day and adjusts.

Parking / ramp gates also open automatically, no need to press buttons and look for remote controls.

The future is for all new buildings to be synchronized in one smart system.

Seventh reason: One app for everything

Of course, many functions of a smart home can be installed at any stage, but having a smart system from the beginning has many advantages. First, you just move in and live without worries, all the systems already work for you. Second, you only need one application to control everything from opening the door of your house to turning the light on or off in the bedroom. It is convenient and saves time.

Each customer decides how important digital options are to them, whether the basic smart home package will suffice or whether they need an advanced one. It can then be connected to additional devices, the control of which will be available in one application from the mobile device.

Life in the future described by science fiction writers today is a reality. This is not a privilege, but a convenience: a smart home allows you not to be distracted by your routine, but to pay more attention to what is important: rest, comfort and your loved ones.


In collaboration with Energy Intelligence Skopje.