About Us

Property One Real Estate and Development is an innovative real estate agency, co-work hub, consulting agency and company that will help you not only find your ideal property but also rearrange and equip it to a turnkey stage. We take the "headaches" of our clients and transform them into our satisfaction, and that is to exceed the highest expectations.

Our core skills

Deep experience of the local market

Full control of the purchase & managing processes

International team speaking English, Spanish, Serbian, Bulgarian, Russian, Greek languages

Tight network of partners for every need

We provide innovative and effective solutions with 2D and 3D render visualization for business/office spaces

Relocation services

Sales motivational speeches and couching 

Real Estate Consulting 

Skopje has been since a few years at the center of a great property development dynamic due to favorable conditions. Our real estate consulting services are aiming at helping our clients at making the best of that real estate boom thanks to our expertise and our proximity with the market. We help our clients reach their purchase, investment, rental, renovation or optimisation goals.
Our English-speaking agents are there every step of the way, regardless of how far is the client’s process. We can help from the very first search until signing the contract after going through a property assessment. If necessary, we also answer the questions regarding rental contracts or even renovation works for example. At each turn, we make sure to let clients have control by presenting all the relevant information to them to lead to the best decision-making process possible.
Whether you are looking for a move-in-ready property, a renovation project, or new real estate development, Property One Real Estate and Development will help you find and buy the perfect property for your needs!

Property Valuation

While selling your property, you benefit from a complete and professional service, from the estimation to the sale.
We propose you a regular and qualitative follow-up.

Marketing & Selling strategy

To sell/rent your property at its best price, we developed a valuation method with all informations needed. In support of our evaluation, our international team developed a SWOT-analysis.
Having submitted you our evaluation of your property, we develop a selling strategy. We market your property to our international clientele and find the suitable buyer/tenant for it.

Property One Real Estate and Development plan includes a diverse profile of professional photos and videos, email flyers, high-gloss postcards, SEO optimization for Google ads, newspaper advertisements, high-quality brochures, and digital advertising. 

Financial Consulting

We propose this service to all buyers of real estate, which also wish to finance their purchase by a property loan in North Macedonia with established local banking.
When buying a property in North Macedonia, consider local conditions of mortgage proposed by our local experts.
Why? Simply because the economic conditions in North Macedonia are stable and prosperous. It leads banks to take risks and sometimes propose more advantageous and flexible conditions for property loan in North Macedonia.

Why using the consulting service for your mortgage in North Macedonia?

The customers of our agency are in very great majority internationals wishing to settle down or to invest here. Thanks to our experiences in the real estate market, we have been used to the problems of financing met throughout the process. And we are familiar with the questions of banks and mortgage borrowers buying a property in Skopje and North Macedonia.
Our partners on the subject are very active in this domain and can ensure to take advantage of the interesting current conditions of property mortgage in North Macedonia by the local institutions, with the aim of decreasing the client’s costs. The experiences in the mediation and the negotiation help clients to obtain the best offers.  We study together with our clients the objectives and get in touch with our partners to save our client’s time and money.
Combining years of experience and unparalleled real estate services, Property One Real Estate and Development has an acclaimed team of realtors who have ranked as the #1 real estate team and top sales team in commercial real estate. Together, they have a remarkable sales record and devote themselves to ensuring each customer receives their highest level of care and personal attention.